18th Street: Southside Playboys
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History of Our Gang

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History of Our Gang Empty History of Our Gang

Post  Max_Torres Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:19 pm

History of Our Gang 2hh278x

It was Beginning of the End of the Biggest Criminal Enterprise in the City of Los Santos, it was 18th Street Gang, F.B.I and Law Enforcement Noticed their Expansion all Over Los Santos and Their take over all Criminal Activites Starting from Theft to Murder their Brutality made them the Most Powerful Gang in the City of Los Santos and All over the Country, F.B.I Director made a Meeting about Putting End and Lock up those Gangsters behind the Big wide Bars but it wasn't easy to do this without Help so they Put a Rat inside the Gang but the Result was Failure Because Looks like 18th Street Gang already had a Rat inside the F.B.I so Law Enforcement Suggest to Spy on the Gang that was the Best Idea they got at that time and at the same time it was Worst idea, After Two Weeks in the Early Morning two of the Gang Leaders Ramon"Spider'G"Torres and Ricardo"Spook"Torres were getting outside of the Spook's house in Jefferon both Entered a Black Huntley then they Drove off at the same time there was a Black Sultan with inside it Two F.B.I agents following the Huntley but Ramon and Ricardo didn't see that was Coming then Sultan Followed them to Glenn Park Looks like there was a Meeting with another Gang one of the two agents able'd to identify that biker it was Hakeem Griffin, Hakeem is Ramon and Ricardo's Childhood Friend and Hakeem was Dangerous Criminal He was the Leader and the Founder of the Joker MC this Motorcycle Club known for their Brutality and Violence, Ramon got outside the Car then walked toward Hakeem's house in Glenn Park, Ramon asked Ricardo "Ayo' Spook chu' comin inside with me" "No i'll stay inside the car untill you finish talkin' with Hakeem but make it short because we got stuff to do" Then Ramon knocked on Hakeem's Door then Hakeem opened then Saw Ramon outside his house then both Greeted each other then both entered inside Hakeem's House, Both of Ramon and Hakeem sit down in the Living Room then Hakeem throw a White Package with a Fleur De Lis Logo on the Package, Then Ramon noticed that Logo then Ramon asked Hakeem "What is this? and where chu' got it" then Hakeem smiled "One of my Boys bought it from Third Street Saints Members" Ramon just Remembered Where he saw this logo, Ramon's father was the Leader of Third Street Saints in Liberty City from Twenty Years Then Hakeem said "There is shipment coming from Vice City carries over Twenty Tons of High Quality of Cocaine from Colombia and this shipment Costs over Ten Million Dollars" Roman to Hakeem "What I got do with this?" Hakeem stood then walked toward the kitchen and Grapped two Cold Corona Beers from the Fridge then he walked back to the Living room then looked at Ramon "Saints talked to me to talk to ya' to help Saints to steal this shipment and in return we will have Forty Percent of the Shipment so Chu' in?" Ramon Smiled " Since we putted in the Dead way I'm in" then both Laughed Hakeem throw bottle then he Raised his hand while the bottle in his Hand " Goodbye Ghetto Life" the Both Laughed, Meanwhile in the Huntley Ricardo was still waiting for Ramon then a Phone was ringing inside the Car Ricardo put his hand inside the Pocket of his Jacket then toke out his Phone checking who calling him but No one called him then Ricardo noticed Ramon's phone down of the Driver seat ringing then Ricardo picked up the phone then check who was calling Roman it was Lisa Hill Ramon's wife then Ricardo answered the Call "Hey Lisa what's up" Lisa Identified Ricardo's voice "Ricardo where is Ramon?!?" Lisa was speaking in Panic "Lisa what's wrong?" Then Lisa told him While She was on the way driving to Jefferson to Ramon's house she saw on sight Cops Are all over the Place arresting Homeboys, Then Ricardo fast Ended the Call with Lisa then Ran into Hakeem's house, Meanwhile In Jefferson just Like what Lisa said that Jefferson was crawling with cops, homeboys getting locked up left and right, others in hiding to avoid the gang injunction it seemed 18th Streer Los Santos Crew was finished, Ricardo was knocking on the door hardly and Rapidly then Hakeem opened the door "Easy on the door for god sakes before I make you pay for it" then Ricardo ignored Hakeem and ran towards Ramon then Spider asked Ricardo " What's wrong bro?" "Lisa called you and she told me that cops and feds all over the hood arresting our homeboys" Then Roman spit the beer out of his Mouth " What the ****?!?" Ricardo said " No time for what's Now let's get out of here before they get us too" Then Someone one Knocked one the door too Hakeem in loud Voice " Coming!" Then Cops Kicked the Door Los Sanots PD put your hands up in the air where I can see them, Thrree of them stood on their Knees while their Hands up in the Air then One of the Officers said " Take them to the place where they belong.... Prison" ....

History of Our Gang 2ymadm9

.. The Ride to the Los Santos Prison was dull no Conversion except for the Ambulance of the Police radio which it flared off every Ten seconds, Inside the Prison they Proceeded with Frisking Ramon and his Brother Ricardo and Finger printing then they toke their Picture and eventually Placing him into a holding cell only after the stripped him from all what he got and Change him into a Prison Made Uniform, Court Ordered about Three years of Prison for racketeering and having illegal stuff on him that was the only evidence against Ramon for now, Half a brick was a minimum of year and six months with good behavior, Ramon knew he was going in and he wasn't going out for long time, Ramon and Ricardo hope **** doesn't change back home, Midnight Ramon was inside his cell thinking about his fate and about the rest of his homeboys then he put his right hand inside his pocket and took out a Picture of him and his wife then he kept staring at it for Long time, Meanwhile in the Streets of Los Santos 18th Street Gang was falling apart all Cliques getting vanished by Law Enforcement but there was still other two shot callers in the Streets, Juan Reyes and Rafael Torres the Leaders of Mexican Little Cycos Crew in Temple and there was Diablo Torres the Leader of the most Violent Crew of them all Shadow Part Locos Crew Diablo was Ramon's twin brother but Diablo was older than Ramon by Two minutes, Both of them joined the Gang together when they were very young at age thirteen years old, After years of serving and Representing the Gang name they rise in ranks quick, then both became Shot Callers of Colombian Little Cycos Crew in El Corona, CLCS was the Most organized Crew from all other Crews, But Ramon and Diablo weren't the only one who Joined the Gang together their Childhood Friends Tommy Avenues and Vinny Gambiny they were like Brothers to both of Ramon and Diablo, Years from Controlling and Domnating their Enemies in the Southside of Los Santos they Became One of the Most Wanted Criminals in the F.B.I list, One Day Sonny Grottli the Don of Grottli Crime Family called his Best Friend Vinny to come to Italy and Help him here in a week Vinny took a plane to there then Tommy Joined Surenos and by years he became Shot Caller of Los Avenues 13 Crew and Diablo travelled to Tijuana,Mexico to Live there and Maybe Start new Life with no more Dead Bodies and doing Drive by's, the Court ordered Month and Six months? Served, On the way out of Prison Ramon was heading out of Prison Gate until he found his Wife standing outside waiting for him then Ramon's wife ran toward him giving him hugs and tears came out of her eyes from Happiness then She thanked god, Ramon's wife is Lisa Hill, Daughter of one of Grove Street Families Leaders Makaveli Hill, Lisa was Dangerous Women wordily She always carries Weapons on her besides she plans illegal races and She is responsible for over Five missing bodies but Law Enforcement got nothing against her though, Lisa who was driving and on the road She stopped at Red light then she saw Ramon staring at his tat's in his Hand then She asked Him "What's wrong?" Ramon looked at her "..Nothing" Lisa made straight face then she asked him another question "alright what you will gonna do now?"
Ramon Looked at her Eyes "Revenge", Ramon was blood thirsty from who did this to him and to his Gang, After Ramon arrived home he called one of his Connections in LSPD then he told him that Member of La Mara Salvatrucha 18th Street Worst Rival that MS-13 Member wanted to Cooperate with Law Enforcement to bring down 18th Street Gang in return to keep that MS-13 out of Prison and Looks like Law Enforcement accepted the Deal, It was planned by La Mara Salvatrucha to take down their Rival Leader then they take advantage from it by Taking all their Turfs on the West Side of Los Santos and they really did it Ramon gone crazy from anger he wanted to kill every La Mara solider he founds in the Streets then Lisa calmed him down, After Two days at Midnight Ricardo came back from Strip club in East of Los Santos while Ricardo about to enter the Keys in the Door Lock a Car full of MS-13 Members took out a Semi Automatic Guns from behind and Started to Shoot randomly Hoping shooting Ricardo but Eventually they failed Ricardo jumped behind his Car, Spook right away saw the Car plate then in the Next Day he called Ramon about what happened, Spider had enough it was time to move now or never, He hanged up with Ricardo then he grapped his Black Hoodie and his AK47 after that he headed to Ricado's house then They found out the owner of the Car, his name was Manuel Perez then they found out his house place, Manuel's house was in Los Flores at the East Side of Los Santos the Strongest hold for MS-13 Gang, Manuel was Standing in an alleyway in the Central of Los Flores with other Member of La Mara, Ricardo Approached with Car forward near Manuel then Manuel noticed a Black Cavalcade then Manuel and his homie walked towards them then Ramon rolled down the Window firing at them filling their asses with Bullets then Ramon Throwed at them While they were dying on the Ground "18" Sign then He rolled up the window and they drove off quickly, it became officially 18th Street Gang were back and they started a war with the big bad La Mara Salvatucha
History of Our Gang Ejbthk

After Newspapers Announced that Shocking news about the back of the Eighteen Street Gang after Strange disappearance from the Gang after Cops locked up most their Original Gangsters and Gang Leaders, Ramon decided it became Dangerous to roll again in Jefferson since cops and feds are all over Jefferson, Ramon was at his House in El Corona He grapped a newspaper from infront of him on the table searching for properties for sale in the West Side of this City to keep all of his Neighborhoods safe and united then Ramon Found an advertise about Selling a House in South Central in Santa Maria Beach, it didn't took time from Ramon to buy the house, After the Locals who lives in Santa Maria beach noticed Ramon moved into the Block Many Faces from the Hispanic Community there started popping up wanting join the Diesiocho Army, Ramon began to think to start a Crew in the South Central so he made a meeting with all Gang Leaders about Creating new Crew in the South Central all approved, After Couple of Weeks the crew was made in the South Central starting from Veronica to Santa Maria Ramon Called the Crew South Central Cycos, Months Passed as Ramon Prepared Money to Rebulid his Empire back in the South Central of the City of Los Santos he set a side a large amount of cash from selling illegal Weapons and Providing Protection Services, After three weeks Ramon and His Best Friend Ricky Black wanted to start something new so they opened "Double 9 Records", Ramon and Ricky had a Rap talent and their Main goal from creating this Record Company Making Alot of cash and of course Looking for Rap talents to sell them or to get use of them, With This Pure Criminal Mentality Ramon was the King of all Hispanic Gangsters on the West Coast, His Tatt's,Scars and Experiences Proves that he Deserve the Name of a King, One Day Ramon was Recording a new Song called "Southern Andreas" preformed by his Friend Serag Davis, Ramon's phone began to ring then he picked up the call "Speak" "ayo' Spider homie it's Juan Ese`" then both talked with each other for Ten Minutes until Juan Mentioned Robbing a Bank Downtown of Los Santos "so Spider Chu' in Holmes" then Roman was thinking for a moment "Aigh' Coo' I'm down with ya'.. Meet me infront of Ammunation Downtown at Seven Thirty at Night", Ramon ended the Call with him then he looked at his watch it was Six and Fifty Five he quickly grapped his M4 which it was made of Pure Silver then he went out, Juan was Standing infront of Ammunation then Ramon arrived "Hop in Juan" Juan was holding a Backpack on his shoulders and Ramon was curious what was inside "Ayo' J` what's inside that bag" Juan opened the Bag then he took out masks,Spraycan and his Guns "Some stuff Holmes'" Juan took mask from inside then he threw it to Ramon, Ramon parked Behind the Back then Both wear their masks and grapped their Guns, Clocked ticked and it was time to move, Both ran to the Bank Main Entrance then Ramon Kicked the Door while aiming his m4 in the air "NO BODY MOVES ALL ON THE FLOOR NOW!" all Laid on the floor while their hands upon their heads "Juan fast pack the money and let's get the **** outta of here Holmes" Juan ran toward the Bank Safe then he Planted C4 on the Safe Lock then Juan Shouted "Take a cover!!" then he jumped behind a table After Three seconds the C4 exploaded and taking the Safe's door of it's place then Juan ran fast to the Safe and collect Money as much he can while Juan packing the Money one of the Bank Workers activated The Alarm Ramon noticed who did it then he Aimed at his Head "See you in hell Pendejo" then he shot that worker at his head all the People inside got panic'd then Juan shouted to Ramon "LET'S GO SPIDER COPS ARE TEN MINUTES AWAY FROM HERE!" "Aigh' give me One minute and I'll catch ya' outside" then Juan replied back "Make it fast Ese'" then Juan ran to outside the Bank Ramon picked up Spraycan then he started to Spray on the Wall inside the Bank Spraying "18 Owns the City" then he ran outside, In the Next day again News coverage and Newspaper headlines was all about Eighteen Street and about the Robbery, Ramon was sitting one of the Bunch's in Los Santos Carnval at Santa Maria Smiling while he was reading the Newspaper, it was a Strong Come back for the Gang it was Over the Limit, The Gang Original Gangsters from the big bad old crew in El Corona started Migrating back to the gang because it was their Family after all, Hanging in a Group and Keeping themselves at First it seemed that 18th Street Gang was back in Business as usualm Ramon when he Entered the Prisoned he was Member of Mexican Mafia or La eMe and he was also High ranked in the Mafia, La eMe leaders were Ervin and Jose Garcia were backing up Spider's Play it seem Diesiochos will once again rise to the top, Ramon called all his Gangsters and Soldiers for a Huge war against their Number One Enemigas La Mara Salvatrucha and with other Hispanic Gangs to take their Turfs back and get their Barrios united and tight


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